sweet good bye

Bye bye everyone, I won´t be blogging for an entire month because.. I am going to africa. AFRICA!
I will make lots of pictures though, and ofcourse I´ll show you when I am back.
Have an amazing holiday!

picture from  www.weheartit.com


I have just been experimenting with my new lens, it's such a pleasure to work with it and I think it gives such a aprovement if you make a really pretty picture. The light was so perfect, I had to take advantage of that. 

I miss you

shoes - asos.com, jumpsuit - zara.



I am alive again.

and I have been shopping...

I finally got holiday, and I made it to my next year.. so now it's time to celebrate and do whatever I like, I been to the beach twice this week and also had a lot of parties. I am almost leaving to Africa and did a lot of shopping for my trip. I am looking forward to it so badly. I really don't have a good image of how South-Africa, Mozambique and Swaziland look like. I can't wait to step in the airplane and just fly away to a very different world.