make a brighter day.

Leather aviator Asos, White sheer blouse H&M, Scarf Vero Moda, Coat Mango, Earrings unknown.

I believe in making the world a better place by just smiling and being positive. I try to smile for most of the time. And it actually works, people feel positive energy and start to feel happy straight away. And ofcourse I don't smile all the time. I have my bad days too. Often actually. But don't stay in it. Let it go. There are a lot of things right now that make me feel so happy, like:
1. the sun
2. the flowers which are starting to grow.
3. no homework for tomorrow since I am going to an open day of the DAE.
4. all you lovely followers, i want to thank you so much for following and all the lovely comments. thank you.


pictures by emma.

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