Hi everyone, something really different than the usually, but I wanted to tell you all that this holiday.. I will be going for Africa for a month, my parents used to live there so we own a lot of land over there. I am really looking forward and I will make lots and lots of pictures ofcourse!


picture from www.weheartit.com



Nude lipstain Sephora matte #03

And another new lipstick I bought. I just love this colour, it's a beautifull nude colour with a hint of pink in it and it is almost the exact same colour as the colour of my cheeks, especially when I am blushing. I had a really busy weekend, so now it's time to relax. 



let´s start with something new.

1 and 2. Vintage brown cross-body bag, 3. Olive green wedges from H&M, 4. Peachy Lipstick from Sephora.

Exam week is over, I have quite a good feeling about it. The last two days I have been running from one nice thing into the other, eating ice cream with friends, going shopping, looking for new vintage stores and a party. I just had a lot of fun, and the sun has such a great effect on my mood, and on the mood of everyone else. Have a nice weekend everyone!



I can see the finish..

Skirt H&M, Shirt Zara, Blazer unkown, Hat River Island, Necklace River Island.

I do not really like the pictures, I look so evil on them. Never mind, I just had to make pictures with such nice weather. I tried to find some colour in my closet and seriously, it was hard to find something. So I have to do some serious shopping the comming weeks. I am almost done with my test week. Still two exams to go. Comming weekend I will do nothing but fun stuff, I just have to celebrate not having to learn all the time anymore.




This is probably the quickest update ever made. But I just had to do it, I couldn't just leave my blog unblogged, eventhough I have massive inspiration all alone, so just for now. Some pictures of my two-finger ring and my spring-like green nailpolish of Catrice. Enjoy the sun!


btw. I know my little finger looks a little strange in the middle picture, I had an accident about two years ago. 


welcome sunshine.

Blazer unkown, Harem pants H&M, Wedges H&M, T-shirt H&M.

Comming week there won't be any posts because I am in my test week. I am already frustrated and it hasn't even started yet. Above some pictures I made this week, showing my cute easter bunny and outfit pictures I made last week.  Have a nice week!



help me!

does anyone know where i can find these rings?
I think they're absolutely amazing.


if i was a millionaire..

1. Jeffrey Campbell - Pixie 
The perfect wedges, if they weren't €130 

2. Vlieger & Vandam - Guardian Angel Clutch
It was love at first sight with this amazing clutch, the only thing which keeps me from buying is the €175, but it is so worth it. I know for sure, that this clutch will once be mine.
3. Ray Ban - Clubmasters
Allthough there are lots of false clubmasters, the real rayban's really appeal to me, nevertheless I am still in doubt whether I want to spend €80 upon them. 

4. La perla - Lace bra
This is definetly the most beautiful bra in the world. And I can think of so many outfits with this bra, still the €233 hold me from buying it, but dreaming is never a bad thing.

pictures from net-a-porter.    


wednesday wishes #1

all items from Asos and H&M.

From now onwards every wednesday I will show you my wishlist, containing all things I would really, really, really like to have in my wardrobe. The silver cross ring will soon be mine and for the rest, I love royal blue, feathers, silver and gold.



make a brighter day.

Leather aviator Asos, White sheer blouse H&M, Scarf Vero Moda, Coat Mango, Earrings unknown.

I believe in making the world a better place by just smiling and being positive. I try to smile for most of the time. And it actually works, people feel positive energy and start to feel happy straight away. And ofcourse I don't smile all the time. I have my bad days too. Often actually. But don't stay in it. Let it go. There are a lot of things right now that make me feel so happy, like:
1. the sun
2. the flowers which are starting to grow.
3. no homework for tomorrow since I am going to an open day of the DAE.
4. all you lovely followers, i want to thank you so much for following and all the lovely comments. thank you.


pictures by emma.

just a great day.


pictures by emma.


all i need in summer..

1. Sun

2. Love

3. Travelling

4. A beautiful destination

5. Friends

6. Partying

7. Money

is that to much to ask for?


pictures from www.weheartit.com