Au revoir!

Hello my lovely readers,
On Saturday very early in the morning, I´ll be off to my wintersport accomodation. I´ve been counting the days since November and finally the time has come then, I have two more lessons of school and than I have holiday! I am so excided, we are going to France, to le Corbier. I haven´t decided yet whether I am going to ski or snowboard, i like it both a lot, so maybe I´ll be doing a halve week of skiing and a halve week of snowboarding. Have a nice holiday everyone, love you! Au revoir...

Oh and by the way my leather jacket has arrived and it´s so perfect! I´ll try to make some pictures this afternoon.


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  1. I hope you'll have lotsa fun there in France! I love snowboarding, too!:)
    Love the name of your blog, I just had to check it and well, fell in love by the first sight! Your style is very creative!

    Follow you follow me?(;