buy - bought - has bought.

 1. A detail of my new dress, I will show you a picture wearing it later this week.

2. My newest bracelets bought at Primark.

3. My new wallet, it has a patern of flowers, but I am thinking, maybe I can use it as a make-up bag too.



the lumberjack

Blouse River Island, T-shirt I love Paris gift from a friend.

Todays outfit, quite simple, but realy comfortable. The wheather is really terrible, the sun shines and it all looks warm, but it is actually really cold! But this blouse is really soft and warm, perfect for these days to keep me warm. Coming up is a picture of my party outfit for saturday, the theme of the party is Flower Power. 




Sweater & Scarf H&M Trend

 Just saw these two lovely items on H&M, I love the structure of the sweater and the colour of the scarf. So perfect and at the same time so simple. Can't wait to find them in store.

oh, and remember I told you about the leather jacket I ordered at Asos.com, it came in on tuesday but was a little to small. So I will have to change size.


pictures made by H&M.



Jeans Zara TRF, Shoes Primark, Blazer Vero Moda, Necklaces HEMA, T-shirt Mango, Scarf Pieces.

My reasons for calling this article Joy:
1. Because the sun is shining and i like that a lot!
2. Because I had such a nice day today.
3. Because I am looking forward to my weekend.
4. Because I'll go on wintersport in 4 weeks and we have a jacuzzi and sauna in our house.
5. Because being joyfull is much nicer than being sad or mad.
6. Because I spend the entire day with a man calles Joy, which is quite funny.



Rainy days.

I am so frustrated about the weather, it makes me feel so uninspired. I have to cycle a long way to school, about 30 minutes, and when I come at school, I am all soaked. Next to that, I feel like I need new clothes, I just can´t find any new outfits in my closets. I can´t wait till my leather aviator jacket is here, it will already change a lot I believe. And I will just keep on praying for nice weather...



Just smile.

Jeans Zara, Blouse H&M Trend, Scarf Pieces, Hat River Island.


pictures made by my dear friend Emma.


the Basics.

My friend Emma and me decided to make this January a basics month. Which means, this month all we buy is basics. Which includes also things you've always wanted to buy but never did:

x. LBD       
  x. White blazer
        x. Grey loose t-shirt
             x. Simple black high heels
    x. Overknee socks
       x. Black leather bag


Wind it up.

Coat Mango, Blouse H&M Trend, Bag Zara, Blazer Villa, Hosery HEMA.


pictures made by my dear friend Emma.


Proud like a peacock, showing it´s feathers.

Peacock feathers hairclip Primark, Blouse H&M Trend.



 blouse Zara.

This blouse always reminds me of the hèrmes blouses, which i love. It's a very sheer blouse as you can see, after making this picture I changed the top underneath. Everytime I wear this blouse I feel so chique. I don't know why. Well I am so sorry for the lack of pictures. But everytime I come home from school it's allready to dark to make pictures. I'm trying very hard to make up a sollution for this problem! 




Yay, I just ordered the black leather jacket from Asos.com! I  can´t wait till it´s here. Sorry for the lack of updates, I am just so busy with school and work, I can´t find the time to make outfit pictures. I actually might like to have a blog with someone else, so that we can work together, that saves a lot of time for me and so I can still do everything I want.



Like a rainbow.

Hosery HEMA, Skirt H&M, Top H&M, Green cardigan Mango, Necklace RiverIsland.

I love the combination of the green cardigan with this top, it's perfect to me. It remembers me of the spring, which is finally coming. Allthough the weather may look quite good. It is so unbelievably cold outside. brrr.  I went to school today but after three hours, I went home again. I felt horrible. Maybe tomorrow I will try once more. 



ayay, captain!

Black jeans Bershka, Shoes Alysa shoes, Pullover of my brother from Zara, Necklace River Island.
This was my outfit of today. Allthough I was ill, I still managed to take some pictures of my outfit. The pullover is from my twin brother. It's really nice and warm, perfect for such days as today.


Leather aviator Asos.com.

I want this jacket so badly!



i had such a happy new year.

  Emma - Carmen -Marisa.


pictures made by my lovely friend Marisa from http://maryyrose.blogspot.com.

Close you eyes and make a wish.

all H&M.

I wish, wish, wish...


a message from the heart.

fake leather jacket Berschka, shirt Mango, bracelets from all around the world..

I recently lost this jacket at the Primark in Hoofddorp. I really miss it since it was one of my favourites. The Primark was really dissapointing to me by the way. I came home with two hairclips. But I had a lot of fun with my dear friend Marie-Renée.