goodbye my lovers

Hello my dearest readers,
I am terribly sorry for not writing for such a long long time.
I've decided to take a break on the blogging, because i have to do my final exam this year and I want to put as much effort into this as possible, next to this I feel like I have changed. And allthough fashion and styling still is really important to me, I feel less like sharing my style with the rest of the world.
Hope you will untherstand this. 
With love,


sweet good bye

Bye bye everyone, I won´t be blogging for an entire month because.. I am going to africa. AFRICA!
I will make lots of pictures though, and ofcourse I´ll show you when I am back.
Have an amazing holiday!

picture from  www.weheartit.com


I have just been experimenting with my new lens, it's such a pleasure to work with it and I think it gives such a aprovement if you make a really pretty picture. The light was so perfect, I had to take advantage of that. 

I miss you

shoes - asos.com, jumpsuit - zara.



I am alive again.

and I have been shopping...

I finally got holiday, and I made it to my next year.. so now it's time to celebrate and do whatever I like, I been to the beach twice this week and also had a lot of parties. I am almost leaving to Africa and did a lot of shopping for my trip. I am looking forward to it so badly. I really don't have a good image of how South-Africa, Mozambique and Swaziland look like. I can't wait to step in the airplane and just fly away to a very different world.


with you it's about the chase

top - Bershka, necklace - F21, jeans - zara, bracelets - from everywhere around the world.

Just a quick post, in one of my many pauses in between the learning. 

p.s. I have got some good news, www.ilovefashionnews.nl has made up a list of fashion bloggers, and they are putting me in it too! 


it's a full time job.

vest - from a friend, white top - monki, necklaces - h&m and hema, bag - vintage, jeans - bershka, shoes - sasha.

I have been working my head off lately, all these tests and quizes and exam week is comming up again. But all the hard work brings good results, allthough I would rather celebrate the graduation with my friends. I am happy to have weekend for now, allthough my weekend consists out of nothing but learning. I am looking so much forward to my holiday to Africa which is in 3 weeks already.

I want to thank you all for following me and leaving all these comments, they make me very happy! 


she's got it all

leather aviator - asos.com, blouse h&m, necklace - accessorize, rings - h&m, asos.com, trousers -zara, shoes - h&m.

I just wanted to say: I love this blue colour and the fabric of this blouse. It just gives a feeling of luxury which I love.  I had so much fun with my friend making these pictures, I was so scared of the cows, I really thought they wanted to attack me. I am just not really an animal kind of person, allthough I think dogs are really nice and cats are beautifull animals too.


pictures made by emma.


blown away

denim jacket - ichi, top - woman at work, jeans - zara, shoes - h&m, hat - river island.

I finally had the time to make some outfit pictures. After two weeks of doing nothing but learning for school it feels like such a relief to not have to worry about another test again. Allthough coming weeks are going to get even more busy, I will try to take some time for blogging every once in a while.  



new shoes

This week I recieved my new shoes from sasha. I love them, they are knock offs of the acne pistols which are amazing. I wore them yesterday and they are very comfortable. Still have to get used to the length of the heels though, because if I wear high heels they are mostly above 10 cm high and these are only 6,5 cm high. 


get over it

Last week I´ve been very ill. I fellt so horrible and all I could do was sleep. By now I feel much better and I have taken some pictures of the flowers I gave to my mom for mothersday. I just love all the pastel coulours in it. These are really my favourite flowers in the world!